Overdressed and Overeducated

This is an offshoot of my main blog (TheClockworkAesthete) dedicated completely to Outfits of the Day (OOTD) and various examples of other clothes I put on my body.

Me: 23. US size 18-24. 40F. 47/39/47. And not interested in changing a damn thing. Enjoy!



NYC (or other Tri-State) Art Peeps! Sunday is a new Dr. Sketchy’s event :D Come on out to see some gorgeous people in equally gorgeous costuming, get real drunk and draw!

Also we are giving away a PEACOCK SQUISHABLE! How cute is that?! Come win that thing, take home a giant snuggly peacock!

Spread the word!

That thing I do that has nothing to do with clothes. Almost the opposite.


A new tote bag (probably most appropriate for library books!) is available through my Society6 shop!  It comes in 3 sizes and starts at $22. 
More Totes || Prints || Framed Prints || Stationary || Phone Cases


A new tote bag (probably most appropriate for library books!) is available through my Society6 shop!  It comes in 3 sizes and starts at $22. 

More Totes || Prints || Framed Prints || Stationary || Phone Cases

Outfit for doing hair and makeup for Julie’s wedding. Bridesmaid’s dress photos to come later.
Outfit details:
Shirt: The Village thrift store. No size label.
Leggings: F21+ (1X)
Shoes: F21 (US8)
Belt: Target (XL)
Hair flowers: F21
Pearls: JC Penny or gifted

I am also wearing a Bettie Page bullet bra from Secrets in Lace which is my absolute favorite bra and I should have bought out all of the stock when they went on sale. It is a 34D



I’m in the midst of re-editing and uploading my body of work to Society6 to be made available as prints, but you can also get them as adorable, insanely useful tote bags! 

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whoops I’m adorable


whoops I’m adorable

In a development that surprises probably no one but me, my parlormaid’s costume for Dr. Sketchy’s Night Flowers event (I’m event staff) is coming along lovely. I just need to make my hat and a petticoat and I’ll be all set! 

Corset is a little big.

Full photos to follow when I finish the whole thing.

Dress is by Recollections, Apron by Historical Emporium, watch necklace was given to me by Foxface

In other news, anyone have any good suggestions for what to do with my hair? I’m completely at a loss. 

All my old OOTD photos make me want to cry. I was so much prettier and more confident when I was so much more fat. I’m afraid I’ll never have that feeling again.

I’m so sorry I haven’t updated this blog more. It’s proving harder than I ever imagined to look at myself. 


My Macbook Pro laptop will be 8 years old in June. It has travelled across the country, up and down the east coast, survived being in airport luggage, Megabus luggage, being dropped at least twice, being knocked off my dorm bunk when my roommate was fooling around in the top bunk, dogs pulling it off the sofa, etc. It’s running on a knock-off battery because the battery made for it was defective and swelled up, causing permanent damage that included completely disabling the track pad. The disk drive hasn’t worked for about 3 years now. It is held together with duct tape and prayers and/or black magic. It forgets where its wireless card is, sometimes. But its hard drive is all there and has never let me down. It got me all through school and then some, and is the machine on which I do pretty much all my photography and web design work.

Last week, the back of the screen literally started falling off. I haven’t been able to move it since (as we speak it’s open on my bed, resting against my lamp) because I’m terrified it will completely fall off if I move it. 

Since I’m not really comfortable with just asking people for money,  and my photography is just about the only skill I have to offer, I’m holding a print drive through my Society6 page to help ease the cost of a new computer. 

Even if you can’t spring for a print (I know $17 is a lot to ask), please boost this post? Every little bit helps. 

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Sorry, I’m not very photogenic to begin with and having a completely different face-shape to work with is throwing off my game. Also file under: “Looks I Would Love to Wear Make-Up With if My Skin Wasn’t Being Terrible Right Now” and “If I Tie a Shirt Over Top of This Dress, You Totally Can’t Tell That It’s WAY Too Big”


Dress: Target (XXL) 

Overshirt: Thrifted

Leggings: F21+

Socks: Handmade by my grandmother

Bandanna: REI