Overdressed and Overeducated

This is an offshoot of my main blog (TheClockworkAesthete) dedicated completely to Outfits of the Day (OOTD) and various examples of other clothes I put on my body.

Me: 23. US size 18-24. 40F. 47/39/47. And not interested in changing a damn thing. Enjoy!


Shots from a family photoshoot my mom had done last month. Probably the first professional photos I’ve had taken since I was in high school.


Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing. Cat Print Heidi with Red Bow. Size 2x

Belt: Pinup Girl clothing. 2x

Shoes: Naturalizer, size 8.5

Necklace, earrings: Gift from my grandparents (real pearls)

Bracelet: JC Penny (faux pearls)

Not pictured: Domino Dollhouse Meringue Petticoat in red 

This fits me better than my other Heidi for some odd reason. The fabric is just a *shade* less stretchy so it sort of holds up better in the bust. Still not sure the Heidi is the best of PUGs dress cuts for me.

Sorry I didn’t do anything more inventive with my hair. I dyed it the day before, and it was too slippery to hold a style no matter what I did. Also was in dire need of a haircut, so no Bettie bangs :(

In other news, my legs are amazing.

Photo credit to Saskia Paulussen, a family friend and a fantastic photographer. The day after this, she shot Dan Stevens (cousin Matthew from Downton Abbey), whaaaat? Also so minor edits by me (I like my photos a bit more high-contrast than she does :P Artistic quibble :P Also shows the dress a bit more true-to-color.) 

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